Excel Teller – Car Wash Autoteller Kiosk

Exacta’s Excel Teller car wash autoteller system is designed for automatic and tunnel wash applications. This system has the ability to be a stand alone unit with the capabilities of accepting cash, coin and producing change. Many other options are available including the POS option, which gives the site the abilities to Page, access the Remote Accounting, and also generate codes and discount codes. The Credit Card, Fleet Card, and the Swipe & Save options are available. Combining these options will create a machine that will suit every customer’s needs.

Standard Features

  • 1 Bill Validator with the option to upgrade to a second
  • Optional Bill recycling
  • Up to three Coin Hoppers
  • Dispense Vacuum Codes or Tokens
  • Receipt Printer and Waterproof Card Swipe
  • Built-in reporting with float tracking
  • Detection Sensor
  • Custom Voice Messaging
  • 7 inch 1000 NIT Touch Screen fully customizable to suit your marketing needs
  • Built-in Heater with fan
  • Stainless Steel cabinet with fiberglass front which comes in multiple color selections
  • Interfaces to all Automatics and Tunnel controllers
  • Optional Image Package

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Communication to POS: 485 2 Wire Twisted Pair
  • Power: 120 Volt
  • Material & Finish: Powder Coated Stainless Steel

Excel Teller & Maxx II Car Wash Autoteller Kiosk Brochure

 Excel Touch Screen v6

 Maxx II (PDF)

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Excel Teller - Car Wash Autoteller

Touch Screen Excel Teller with Stainless

Excel Teller - Car Wash Autoteller

Touch Screen Excel Teller with Image Package

Excel Teller - Car Wash Autoteller

Excel Maxx Teller

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