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Exacta Support

This site is for use by customers, distributors, and employees affiliated with Exacta Car Wash Systems.

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How to Use Support

Select the Login option in the upper right hand corner to gain full access to this Support site. If you do not have a user ID please see How to Get an Account.

:!: It is best to first login to be able to access all the topics and media you have permissions for. If you get “Forbidden” when clicking on a link, that means that item is not available at your permission level.

If you have questions about your access level or errors and omissions related to this site please contact Exacta Customer Support.

How to Get an Account

To sign up for an account please contact the Exact One Help desk at 1-800-492-4226.


Credit Card PCI Compliance

:!: Internet Credit Card clearing module and software upgrade is now available which is required for further PCI compliance. Effective Nov 5, 2012, any site changing merchant numbers for any reason will be required to upgrade. Contact your distributor for more information.

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