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How to Navigate

A link is text that has a green colour. When the mouse is hovered over a link it is underlined. Click the link to navigate to a page describing the topic.

Clicking the logo 'Exacta' that is in the upper left of the page will navigate you to the home page of the entire wiki.

The left sidebar has links that you can click to view a topic.

A trail of previously visited topics is provided in the upper left corner of the page. The topics are separated by '»'. Click any topic in the breadcrumb list to navigate to it.

Browser Back Arrow

Click the back arrow on your browser to go to the previous page. This works on all wiki pages.

The back link is an up arrow located at the middle right of the page. Clicking it provides a list of links to other topics that are parents of this topic. Click one of the links in the list to navigate to a parent topic.

There is a search bar in the upper right of the page. Enter text in it and then click the search button. Links to all pages containing the search string will be listed. Click one of the links to navigate to a topic and you will see all occurrences of the search string are highlighted in yellow on the page navigated to.


In the top right there is a 'Sitemap' link. Click it and a list of all pages that make up the wiki is listed. Click any item. If it is a link then it will navigate to a topic. If it is a name of a set of topics then that set of topics will be listed and you can click one of those.

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