Systems for the Car Wash Industry

RFID Wash Club Memberships


Standard Features

  • Tamper Proof Self destructing car wash tags
  • Monthly Club Membership / Subscription
  • Add Date, time and use restrictions
  • Prepay and Post Pay accounts
  • 90 day or variable wash passes with activation on first use
  • Multiport Reader supporting up to 4 bays per reader
  • Can link to any Manufactures Wash
  • Can link to any control system
  • Works with Tunnels, Automatics and Self Serve bays
  • Multisite link

Less Hassle – no fumbling for coins or cards

EMV Teller

EMV Teller - White

EMV Teller – White

Standard Features

  • LCD Screen with 8 Side Buttons
  • Thermal Receipt Printer with separate access door
  • Chip and Pin
  • Chip and Mag Strip card reader
  • Built in heater with thermostat
  • LED Lighting

Optional Features

  • Angled or Straight stand
  • Black or White

Credit Card for Self Serve

Question:  How do you: attract new customers, have them spend more time and money each time they visit and have them leave more satisfied?

Answer:  Put Credit Card acceptance in every bay. Exacta is the most durable and reliable In-Bay Credit Card equipment in the industry. Start there and then retain those customers with a Gift Card, Wash Card, Loyalty Card and Fleet Card Program.

Vacuum & Vending Islands

Ancillary sales is about convenience. What could be easier than to swipe a card?

Exacta equipment is designed to bring your whole site together onto a one card program. This includes (but not limited to) Vacuums, Fragrance Machines, Drop Shelf Vending and Coil Vending. You name it, we can put a card reader on it!