Our Mission:

We aim to offer innovative and effective electronic control systems to companies in the Car Wash and Other industries. We strive to maximize revenue for our customers by providing straightforward and complex system solutions. Our products cater to a wide range of sites, from the simplest to the largest and most complex.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, with a Service Office in the United States, we develop and produce control systems distributed through our network of Dealers and Distributors across North America and The Pacific Rim.

Exact One, also called Exacta, has a rich history of offering cutting-edge control equipment. Initially established by J.A. Consay in 1971 as Consay Industrial Engineering, the company evolved into Exacta Controls in 1988 after becoming a full-time Car Wash Solutions Company. In January 1997, we officially changed our name to Exacta Controls Ltd to reflect our growing product recognition. In 2002, we established Exact One Ltd. to focus on the specific needs of carwash control applications.



Exact One Ltd