Systems for the Car Wash Industry


BayMaster Tap

In-Bay Stand Alone EMV Tap

Standard Features

  • Quick and Easy – Single tap to activate
  • Accepts all forms of payment including Interac Debit
  • Lower Transaction fees
  • Retro Fit Options Available
  • PCI and EMV Certified
  • Weather proof

EMV Cashless Teller

Cashless Car Wash Autoteller Kiosk

Standard Features

  • EMV Chip and Pin including Tap and Go
  • Payment Types:  Interac Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go plus all other Chip or Magstripe cards
  • 7 Inch 1000 NIT Touch Screen fully customizable to suit your marketing needs
  • Receipt Printer separate lockable door for changing Paper
  • 7” Paper Rolls
  • Detection Proximity Sensor
  • Built-in reporting
  • 3D Bar Code Scanner (Works with Phone Apps and Printed Bar Codes)
  • Custom Voice Messaging
  • Built-in Heater with fan
  • Stainless Steel cabinet with angled stand
  • Interfaces to all Automatics and Tunnel controllers
  • Sell Up to 8 Wash Packages and 8 Options
  • Optional Pay at the Pump Link
  • Optional Custom Gift / Fleet Cards

E1 Choice POS System

Point of Sale car wash system

Standard Features

  • Cloud & Local Databases for Multi-Site Applications
  • Car Wash Interface
  • Interfaces to Exacta Touch Screen Tellers and GatesPOS (Point of Sale) car wash system
  • Online Customers Account Management
  • RFID Exacta Monthly Club Membership
  • Gift Cards & Fleet Accounts
  • Wash Books
  • Salesperson Tracking
  • Management Reports & Financial Summaries
  • Inventory Management and Sales

Custom Mobile App

The #1 Car Wash Marketing and Sales Platform

Standard Features

  • In-App Payment for Washes
  • In-App Loyalty Programs
  • Gamification
  • Deals, Coupons, Referrals
  • Personalized Push Notifications
  • Manage Fleet Accounts
  • Geofencing and Beacons
  • Robust App Management Portal
  • Boost Online Reviews
  • and Much More!