PayMaster – Car Wash Change Maker & Receipt Printer

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Take control of your car wash before it takes control of you. Exacta’s PayMaster is your personal 24/7 salesman. Designed to provide change and market your car wash needs.  Have the ability to customize with strategic marketing that suits your needs.  

Exacta’s PayMaster system is designed for the self-serve car wash and/or a wall-mounted change maker. This unit has the capability to monitor all of your bay counts, coins, and usage as well as eliminate the need for an additional change maker. The PayMaster can also be used to integrate your automatic and self-serve bays and create one report for accounting and monitoring purposes from one central Exacta point of sale.  An optional Gift Card dispenser can be added internally with the ability to do programmable bonuses.

Standard Features

  • 7 Inch 1000 NIT Touch Screen or Back-lit 4 Line by 20 Character LCD Screen
  • Sell Vacuum Codes, RIFD and Gift cards direct 24/7
  • Two Bill Validators & One Change Hopper
  • Receipt printer and Waterproof Card Swipe
  • Built-in reporting with float tracking
  • Add money to gift cards using credit cards or bills
  • Detection Sensor
  • Custom Voice Messaging & Microphone to change messages
  • Built-in Heater with fan
  • Stainless cabinet with fiberglass front which comes in multiple color selections

Optional Features

  • Up to two additional Coin Hoppers (for three total)
  • Optional Gift Card Dispenser with programmable bonuses
  • Dispense tokens by swiping a credit card

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Outside Face Dimensions: 24″ W x 3″ D x 45″ H
  • Housing Dimensions: 18″ W x 15″ D x 39″ H
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Shipping: Ground Only
  • Communication to POS: 485 2 Wire Twisted Pair
  • Power: 120 Volt
  • Material & Finish: Stainless Steel Cabinet with Fiberglass Facade

PayMaster Brochure

 PayMaster EMV v6

 PayMaster 4 Line

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Car Wash Change maker & Receipt Printer

PayMaster Touch Screen
Chip and Pin

PayMaster - Car Wash Change maker & Receipt Printer

PayMaster 4 Line

PayMaster Sand - Car Wash Change maker & Receipt Printer

PayMaster 4 Line

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