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The Exacta Series IX Credit Card Fleet account server acts as the central storage point for all credit card and fleet account transactions. This computer will work with any combination of Self Serve Bays, In Bay Automatics, Vacuums and Vendors. It acts as the central hub for all transactions, reporting, and printing of invoices. It works with Exact One’s complete product line including BayMasters, PayMasters, Excels, Receipt Printers and BayMaster Retros.

  • Built in credit card clearing with black list
  • Includes 2000 Fleet accounts with date and time tracking, expandable to 6000.
  • Works with Prepay (Gift Cards) and Post Pay Fleet Cards
  • Tracks when, where and for how long the card was used
  • Industrial hardened with no fans or openings
  • Connects to a PC by RS232, Modem or Internet connection
  • Add a card reader for easy fleet account set up
  • Add a printer to print reports, receipts and invoices
  • Includes Pay at the Pump / Cash Register link
  • Credit card clearing via the internet or dial up
  • Optional internet connection for reporting, programming, and diagnostics

Remote POS

Connect up to seven remote POS units to sell codes at other locations.

Series IX Brochures

 Series IV v6

 Series IX (PDF)

 Fleet Cards (PDF)

 Remote POS (PDF)

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Desk POS

Series IV Server
Desk POS

Wall Mount

Series IV Server
Wall Mount

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