BayMaster Retro Tap

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Upgrade your existing site and maximize your revenue by adding Credit and Debit to your Self Serve bays using Tap and Go.

Increase your sales by putting a Tap reader directly into the bay.   The count up feature of the BayMaster Retro  allows customers to wash until their car is clean instead of watching the clock.  The screen shows the customer how much time they have used, and gives useful help information. The numeric keypad can be used to enter discount codes, fixed time codes, fleet codes and pay at the pump codes.


Standard Features

  • Simple to use – Just Tap to activate – It can’t get any simpler
  • Count up – Allows customers to wash until their car is clean
  • Precheck – Avoids multiple Preauths to save money
  • Takes all major credit cards including Interac Debit
  • Phone App Ready
  • Now available with Optional Mag Stripe reader and Bar Code Reader
  • Activate multiple bays at one time with the same card
  • Credit cards are only charged once to minimize transaction charges
  • Easy to install into existing bays
  • Works with Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards and Post Pay Cards
  • Tracks when the card was used and for how long
  • Limited cards or codes can be set up for staff to do bay cleaning
  • Optional coin monitoring with reporting
  • When doing coin control, the unit will act as your bay timer with adjustable minimum to start, grace timer and 30 second warning
  • Optional Bonus time with coin and credit card

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Communication to POS: RS485 2 Wire Twisted Pair and Cat5/6 Ethernet
  • Power: 24 Volts AC or DC
  • Material & Finish: Stainless Steel
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BayMaster Retro Tap

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