EMV Cashless Teller Kiosk

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Maximize your revenue and throughput with chip and Pin including Tap.  Our EMV Cashless Teller Touch Screen “Signature Series Kiosk” is designed with all users in mind and it’s easy to use.  With our 7inch 1000 NIT HD Touch Screen technology, we can fully customize your wash to best suit your marketing needs.


EMV Interac Debit

Exacta’s Cashless EMV Auto Teller Kiosk system is designed for automatic and tunnel wash applications. Many options are available including the POS option, which gives the site the abilities to EMail, access the Remote Accounting, and also generate codes and discount codes.  The Color Touch Screen can be customized with your logo or advertising.

Standard Features

  • EMV Chip and Pin including Tap and Go
  • Payment Types:  Interac Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go plus all other Chip or Magstripe cards.
  • 7 Inch 1000 NIT Touch Screen fully customizable to suit your marketing needs
  • Receipt Printer separate lockable door for changing Paper
  • 7” Paper Rolls
  • Detection Proximity Sensor
  • Built-in reporting
  • 3D Bar Code Scanner (Works with Phone Apps and Printed Bar Codes)
  • Custom Voice Messaging
  • Built-in Heater with fan
  • Stainless Steel cabinet with angled stand
  • Interfaces to all Automatics and Tunnel controllers
  • Sell Up to 8 Wash Packages and 8 Options
  • Optional Pay at the Pump Link
  • Optional Custom Gift / Fleet Cards

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Communication to POS: 485 2 Wire Twisted Pair and Ethernet
  • Power: 120 Volt
  • Material & Finish: Stainless Steel

EMV Cashless Teller Brochure


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EMV Cashless Teller

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