RS485 Card Reader

RS485 Card ReaderInformation Request


This card reader is not just a card reader.  It has an output that can pulse out simulating a coin mech pulse or it can keep the output on similar to our BayMaster Retro.  This device is perfect for Vacuums, Air Pumps or any device that needs credit card activation. Rs485 Card Reader also works with Gift Cards, Fleet Cards, and Credit Cards.


  • Takes Gift Cards and Fleet Cards
  • Excepts all Major Credit Cards
  • Pulsed or Continuous Output
  • Optional Input for Coin Monitoring
  • Built-in Stop Button
  • Multi-Color LEDs for Diagnostics and Customer Feedback
  • Communicates Rs485 for High Reliability

RS485 Card Reader Brochure

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RS485 Card Reader

RS485 Card Reader