Wash Club Memberships


Customer Benefits – Prepay, Post Pay and Monthly Car Wash Memberships

No fumbling for coins or cards to slow down processing.   Quick selection for Prepay, Post Pay or Monthly Wash Club Membership / Subscription customers.   Easy access 24 hours a day.  Date, time and use restrictions can be applied to any tag.  The software automatically tracks when the customer used the wash, what they received and where they washed their vehicle.  Auto credit card billing for Monthly Memberships.  Also works with Wash Books.


RFID tags attach directly to the windshield of the vehicle and self-destruct if they are removed.

Where Can They Be Used

The Exact One RFID system can be used with Express Tunnels, In Bay Automatics and even Self Serve bays.

Standard Features

  • Tamper Proof Self-destructing tags
  • Fixed or Variable Wash type selection
  • Date, time and use restrictions
  • Supports Monthly Wash Club Memberships / Subscriptions with Auto Credit Card Billing
  • Limit Memberships to specific Days and Times plus Maximum per day usage or per week usage.
  • Memberships can also be restricted to specific bays.
  • Can be set up as regular Prepay and Post Pay accounts
  • Prepaid Accounts can be set up to Auto Top Up with a credit card after going below a minimum value.
  • Works with Wash Books complete with discount (eg: Sell 24 washes for the price of 20)
  • 90 day or variable wash passes with activation on first use
  • Multiport Reader supporting up to 4 bays per reader
  • Can link to any Manufactures Wash
  • Can link to any control system
  • Works with Tunnels, Automatics and Self Serve bays
  • Multisite link
  • Signage Control

Optional Features

  • Red Light / Green Light Sign
  • Color printing with Logo and Bar Code on tag

Series IX Brochures

RFID Prepay, Post Pay and Monthly Car Wash Memberships

RFID with
Monthly Club

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