Brochure Package

For all Exacta product brochures.

Download Sales Information Package-V9

Entry Systems

Excel Teller is designed for all automatic and tunnel wash applications.

Download Excel Touch Screen-v6


Exacta’s PayMaster system is designed for the self-serve car wash and/or a wall mounted change maker.

Download PayMaster EMV v6

Download PayMaster 4 Line

Receipt Printer & Card Dispenser

The Receipt Printer is designed for the self-serve car wash as a wall mounted Credit Card Receipt Printer.

Download Receipt Printer v6


Exacta’s BayMaster system is designed for self-serve car wash application.

Download BayMaster Brochure v9

Download BayMaster

BayMaster Retro

Increase your sales by putting a credit card/fleet card reader directly into the bay.

Download BayMaster Retro v6

Download BayMaster Retro

EMV Cashless Teller Kiosk

Exacta’s Cashless EMV Auto Teller Kiosk system is designed for automatic and tunnel wash applications.

Download EMV Cashless Teller Kiosk V8

Tunnel Controller / Express Tunnel

Tunnel Controller / Express Tunnel

Download  Tunnel Controller v6

Download Express Tunnel v6

RFID with Memberships

RFID tags attach directly to the windshield of the vehicle and self destruct if they are removed.

Download RFID with Memberships